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Clip Super Mario

Price €1.90
Clip Super Mario in silicone. Size approx . 50x41x 12mm. Cod: BJACLERMAR

Clip Spiderman

Price €1.90
Clip Spiderman in silicone. Size approx. 40x40x10mm. Cod: BJACLERSPID

Clip Superman

Price €1.90
Clip Superman in silicone. Size approx. 50x41x 12mm. Cod: BJACLERSUP

Clip Wonder Woman

Price €1.90
Clip Wonderwoman in silicone. Size approx. 50x41x 12mm. Cod: BJACLERWON

Clip Butterfly

Price €1.70
Clip Butterfly in s ilicone .   Size approx. 5 0x40x10mm. Cod:BJACLFAR

Clip Butterfly 2

Price €1.90
Clip Butterfly 2 in s ilicone .   Size approx. 45x35x10mm. Cod:BJACLFARFA2

Clip Flower

Price €1.70
Clip Flower in s ilicone. Size approx. 40x40x10mm. Cod:BJACLFIO

Clip Sunflower

Price €1.90
Clip Sunflower in silicone. Size approx. 21x21x8mm - Hole approx. 3mm Cod: BJACLFIOGIR

Clip Daisy

Price €1.90
Clip Daisy. Size approx. 40x40x12mm. Cod:BJACLFIOMAR

Clip Leaf

Price €1.70
Clip Leaf in s ilicone .   Size approx. 40x40x10mm. Cod:BJACLFOGL

Clip Harry Potter

Price €1.90
Clip Harry Potter in silicone. Size approx . 45x40x12mm. Cod: BJACLHP

Clip I Love Mom

Price €1.85
Clip I Love Mom in silicone. Size approx . 40x40x10mm Cod: BJACLILM

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